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Tug of War (줄다리기 Juldaligi?) was the third game of the 33rd Squid Game held in 2020. The game consisted of two teams of ten playing tug of war across two raised platforms. the goal was for the winning team to pull the losing team off their platform, resulting in them falling to their ultimate demises.

Eighty players participated in the game; forty players were eliminated and the remaining forty passed to the next round.

Game Information

In Tug of War, contestants were told to form teams of ten players prior to the game. Each team was tasked with competing against one other team, chosen at random, in a game of tug of war across two raised stages which were modeled to resemble cranes.

Each player was shackled to their rope before the beginning of the game; the rope itself was thread through a guillotine suspended between the two platforms. Once the losing team was pulled off their platform, the blade of the guillotine sliced the rope in two, causing the losing players to fall to their deaths from a very high place and causing their elimination from the games.

Teams Eliminated

Teams Passed

Players Eliminated

The teams in Tug of War sitting

Players Passed


  • This is the only game that appeared in two episodes, while the other games only appearing in one episode.
  • There's error that every team except Team 1, Team 7, Team 4, Team 5 are filled with unknown extras and none of them includes survivor for Marbles.
  • Because of error, it's unknown which team won the game or lost the game. But Team 8 included Player 453, and 00,5 who survived Tug of War, and Team 6's member Player 092 was seen teaming with Player 069, who survived Tug of War, before game has started. So, Team 8 and 6 could be winner team, and Team 3 and 2 could be lost team. But nothing is proven yet. Tug of War's winner team, Do Jung-Soo's Team and Player 062's Team is classified separatively with Tug of War's team number.