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Do you wish to participate in the game? If you wish to participate, please state your name and birthdate.
The Salesman to players of the Squid Games in Red Light, Green Light

The Salesman is a businessman who has worked as a recruiter for the Squid Games since the 33rd Squid Game in 2020. His role is to recruit players by playing Ddakji with them, and later giving them a card if they win.

The salesman is the first point of contact between the players and the organizers of the games. With his briefcase of cash and ddakji envelopes, he lures players in by offering them an easy way to make money. After several rounds of ddakji, he gives players a card with a logo and a phone number for the players to call for the chance to play more games and make money. If players wish to participate and call the number, the salesman instructs them to state their name and birthdate before allowing them to play.


During the first episode, while he's talking to Gi-hun, he is calm, relaxed and polite. He seems relaxed the majority of the time he is on screen, even after losing the game. The only time he loses his relaxed demeanor is when Gi-hun points his lighter gun at him, believing it to be real. After seeing Gi-hun in 2021, he seems to be a bit more sneaky, and even gives Gi-hun a sneaky smirk while leaving.


The salesman is a former staff member from the Squid Games who earned the trust of the game's creator, Oh Il-nam, over time. After raising his position, the salesman was given the opportunity to work outside the game in the "real world", and began to recruit players for the 33rd Squid Game in 2020, beginning with Moon Jung-ho and ending with Player 456.[1]


The salesman asking Seong Gi-hun to play Ddakji with him.

After 455 players were recruited for the 33rd Squid Game, the salesman approached Seong Gi-hun on the subway. He asked to play Ddakji with him where the winner would receive ₩100,000. Gi-hun reluctantly agreed to play. Gi-hun failed the first round but the salesman succeeded. He asked Gi-hun if he had any money where Gi-hun stated he didn't so he slapped him saying that he would take away ₩100,000 for each slap. Gi-hun decided to keep playing only to lose and get slapped in the face several times until winning. He tried to get revenge on the salesman by trying to slap him but the salesman blocked him and gave him the prize money.

He then offered Gi-hun a chance to participate in the 33rd Squid Game but Gi-hun was doubtful. The salesman knew about Gi-hun's debts to banks and loan sharks and reminded him as a way to persuade him. He gave him a business card and asked him to call soon as there weren't many spots left, and later left the subway station. Gi-hun eventually decided to accept the Saleman's chance to participate in the Games and called the number. The Salesman picked up the phone and told Gi-hun "Hello. Who's calling? Do you wish to participate in the game? If you wish to play, please state your name and birthdate."


The salesman waving goodbye to Gi-hun.

In December 2021, the salesman began to recruit players for the 34th Squid Game. That month, Gi-hun (the winner of the 33rd Squid Game) spotted the salesman playing Ddakji with another person at a subway station. The salesman kept slapping his opponent. Gi-hun rushed towards him. But before he made it, the salesman gave the other person a business card and he left the subway station. Gi-hun then took the card from the person, and used the number to inform the game's operators that he can't forgive them.


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Behind the Scenes

The Salesman is portrayed by Gong Yoo who is famously known for playing Seok Woo from Train to Busan and Kim Shin from Goblin.



  • Fans speculated the red and blue envelopes represent the staff and players of the Squid Games. It was later revealed that the colors of the envelopes are just alluding to the Japanese legend Aka Manto, where a masked spirit asked people if they want red paper or blue paper in the bathroom. Players seen on the monitor in Red Light, Green Light are seen having chosen the red Ddakji, and director Hwang Dong-hyuk has also confirmed the rumour to be false in an interview.
  • Fans also theorised that the reason the salesman smiled at Gi-Hun was because it was likely the first time he saw a contestant after the Squid Games or that he was happy to see Gi-Hun again.
  • The series director commented how the salesman fits in the plot, stating he is a facilitator from the game that gains trust from the authority and is allowed to work outside in public. For casting, Gong Yoo was asked to play the role and he immediately agreed.[2]