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"The Man with the Umbrella" (우산을 쓴 남자 Usan-eul sseun namja?) is the third episode of the first season of the television series Squid Game.

This episode features dalgona Game.

Official summary

A few players enter the next round —which promises equal doses of sweet and deadly— with hidden advantages. Meanwhile, Jun-ho sneaks his way inside.

- Official Netflix Synopsis


As the vans carry the willing players back to the Game Venue, Jun-ho follows these vans with his car. The vans arrive to a port going on a ship. Jun-ho sneaks in by attaching himself to the bottom of the last van.

On the ship, the workers are now tasked to inspect the players. The worker begins to their job and Jun-ho manages to sneaks into the van pretending to be asleep. When a worker checks Jun-ho's body temperature to check if he's asleep, the device errors and the surprised guard checks again. After the second error, Jun-ho opens his eyes and the two begin fighting. Jun-ho wins by trapping the worker in a headlock, rendering him unconscious. He gets out of the van wearing the worker's clothes, takes his ID and throws the latter into the ocean. A manager notices Jun-ho, who then tells him that he was seasick. The manager lets him go and warns him about the rules.

The ship finally arrives at the island. As the workers now wheel the players and change their clothes, Sae-byeok, who was pretending to be unconscious, secretly steals a knife from one of the Workers. The players then wake up in the familiar facility. Il-nam gets woken up by Gi-hun, saying about almost everyone came back. During their conversation, Sang-woo and Ali join in and all together they form a team. They eat and guess what the other children's games might be.

During bedtime, Mi-nyeo and Sae-byeok go to the bathroom. Sae-byeok goes to the vents to sneak in and finds workers cooking something while Mi-nyeo makes a deal with her to distract the soldier outside. The next day, Sae-byeok tells Mi-nyeo that the workers were melting sugar.

The players are now taken to the next game, where the players are taken to Game Room 2, which resembles a playground. In the room, there are 4 doors. On each door, there is a shape of a circle, a star, a square, and an umbrella. Each player must choose a shape and stand in a line facing the door of the shape. Byeong-gi then has thoughts, trying to figure out what then next game is. Gi-hun and his alliance decide that they should all pick a shape of their own. Once picking a shape, everyone lines up and collects their cake from the front. Byeong-gi, (who gets a triangle cake) then starts realizing what the next game is. Meanwhile, Il-nam gets a cake in the shape of a star. Mi-nyeo gets a star cake also, in annoyance. Deok-su gets a star cake. Ali gets a circle cake. Sae-byeok gets a triangle cake, Sang-woo gets a triangle cake while Gi-hun unfortunately gets the umbrella cake, the hardest shape of them all. At that moment, the announcer says the name of the next minigame, Sugar Honeycomb. At that moment, fear falls on Gi-hun's face.

369's body

After explaining the rules of the game, the game begins. Under pressure, all contestants concentrate as they try to carve out their shape from the Dalgona Candy, Unfortunately, a minute or so into the game, Ju-un accidently breaks his shape, (an umbrella) in front of a soldier and gets eliminated by getting shot directly in the head. His body slides down the slide leaving a trail of blood on the slide, giving all the other players a warning of what happens if you break your shape. Terror-stricken, this makes the players even more desperate to pass. At that moment, several other players unintentionally break their shapes and get eliminated. Gi-hun watches in horror as the soldiers started patrolling more ferociously, making sure no one breaks their shape. Mi-nyeo however secretly cheats by using a lighter she snuck into the game room to heat up her knife, making it easier to cut through. She watches Deok-su struggling ferociously trying to cut his shape out without breaking it.

Soon afterwards, The first player Byeong-gi successfully cuts out his triangle Dalgona Candy without breaking it, automatically proceeding into the next round. Sae-byeok, Ali and players 210, 224, 246, 073 and 072 pass. Meanwhile, one of the Workers are instructed by one of the Managers to see him after the round so he can have a word with him. As Byeong-gi makes his way back with the passing players, he then parts ways and goes of with another soldier. Back in the game hall, Gi-hun tries to carve his shape out and not to panic as he also watches players passing onto the next round or being eliminated with only 3 minutes left on the clock. As he carves, his sweat drops onto the Dalgona Candy, He then stops and picks it up, pointing it towards the light. Realizing that his sweat melted part of his cake, he then licks the back of it. Holding it back up towards the light a second time, he then immediately has a plan. If he melts the cake exactly right, he can simply pull it out without it cracking. Meanwhile, at that moment, Mi-nyeo successfully carves out the star shape out of her cake without it breaking. She even eats the cake whole to tease the soldier. As she leaves the room, she secretly drops her lighter to the struggling Deok-su, who hides it then later uses her method to pass.

Meanwhile, Gi-hun licks his Dalgona Candy, trying to get the shape out. The old man and Player 278 watch in confusion as all the other players then copy Gi-hun's tactic to pass. One of the managers in the Control Room even watch in confusion via security camera footage as the copycats lick their cakes. Deok-su, Il-nam and unsurprisingly, Gi-hun pass to the next round. However, after they leave, No Sang-hun (who failed), is forced by one of the soldiers to uncover his Dalgona Candy to see if he passed or not. Hands shaking, he slowly reveals his broken umbrella. The guard points his gun at him, but at the last second, Sang-hun leaps onto the guard, stabs him in the eye with his needle knife and then threatens to kill one of the managers with his gun. Sang-hun then angrily rants about how the winners got easy shapes and the losers got the hard shapes. The Front Man, watching through the Control Room, then makes his way to the game room. Half of the soldiers then point their guns at the players who failed within the time limit, eliminating them. The winning players even hear the gunshots from the lobby. At that moment, Sang-hun then forces the Manager he held hostage to remove his mask. He removes it, and to Sang-hun's shock, that manager was a young man. He shakes in fear as he wonders how he ended up like this. He then finally shoots himself in the head.

At that moment, the Front Man arrives at the scene and then executes the Manager that removed his mask. He then warns his fellow troops that if their identities get leaked by a player or anyone in the facility, they will be executed. Once the Front Man leaves with the soldiers, Jun-ho and the workers come and clean up the dead bodies. Jun-ho goes over to the dead Manager and then notices his mask on the floor. He then picks up his mask and hides it so he could use it for later.


  • When a guard checks on Gi-hun his profile pops up and in his picture he wears a stoic expression instead of his signature smile.
    • This also happens in "A Fair World" when Jun-ho checks the 2020 player list.