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The Island is where the annual Squid Games competitions are held. And where the 456 players are taken.


The island has a curved shape that partially encloses a small part of the sea. It has a mountainous landscape and lush foliage covering the whole island.


The island's multiple rooms hidden underground in order to maintain secrecy of the games.

The Lobby

The lobby is where the players stay during the competition. It is a room made up of multiple bunk beds.


A confusing sets of pastel colored stairs that leads to almost every room. The entrances are either a geometrically shaped arches that matches with the windows or a normal door.

Game Halls

Game Hall 1

Three green gates attached to the protruding houses open to an open roofed room with a sandy floor and walls depicting houses surrounded by grassy fields under a blue sky. There is a doll in front of a tree at the end of the room. This is the only room shown that depends on natural sunlight for the light source. The roof are two closing the top looks like the forest so it would be hidden.

In the final round, the door that Player 456 and 218 went through matches with the wallpaper and the field now has the squid game court. It also has a large black window for the VIPs to watch.

Game Hall 2

The players being taken to the second game hall.

It is an room that has a giant playground - a swing, a slide, a roundabout, and monkey bars - with multiple sliding doors that matches the walls. The blue walls are drawn with simple clouds and sun rays around the light on top to look like the sun using crayons as if it is made to resemble a children's drawing.

Game Hall 3

Players playing Tug of War.

The room is tall and has a wide elevated platform. The platform is connected to an elevator on each side of the room by a bridge. The elevator takes the players on a higher and thinner platform supported by tall beams. A guillotine is placed at the middle of the thin platforms to cut the rope. At the very bottom there is a dark entrance for the workers to collect eliminated players' bodies and a drain to easily wash off the blood with a hose.

Game Hall 4

The full view of the fourth game hall.

The game hall resembles a small neighborhood. The orange walls and lighting makes it look like there is a sunset in the room.

Game Hall 5

Players on the glass bridge.

The room is designed like a brightly lit circus tent with a high glass bridge for the Glass Stepping Stones.

White Room

The white room without any one but Han Mi-nyeo and some soldiers.

Han Mi-nyeo and some soldiers in the white room.

It is a room painted stark white with stairs. The doors are guarded by soldiers and the only ones that have color. This room is usually used when finding teammates in team games.

Control Room

Managers on the control room monitoring players

Managers monitoring the players

The dark room is filled with computers that are operated by managers that monitors and controls everything that happens on the island. The walls have flat screens that also monitor everything. The floor is also a screen that shows the remaining players, once they are eliminated their pictures are turned off.

VIPs' Rooms

This can be only accessed by a face detecting elevator, though there are tunnels that leads to different rooms within the place. The elevator opens to a hall with multiple rooms and a phone on the desk to call the VIPs.

There's a huge room with black and gold accents, filled with plants, a huge screen to view the games and multiple fancy furniture for the VIPs to relax on. It has an unseen room where the VIPs change their clothing. There is also another room where Jun-ho takes the puma masked VIP. It has a black sofa in the middle and the walls are filled with colorful shapes.

The Host's Room

It is very similar to the VIPs' quarters; black and gold accents, a huge television screen to view the games and multiple rooms. The place contains a bedroom, a living room, the archives and multiple unseen ones. Since the host was unavailable, the front man watches the place.

The living room that contains a sofa, the aforementioned television screen, and a jazz concert diorama that moves and plays "Fly Me to the Moon" whenever it is turned on. The bedroom has a door that leads to the archives.

Workers' Quarters

A manager inspecting room No.. 28.

A compact bedroom with a bathroom between a toilet and a table near a sink. The door has a number in front that corresponds to a worker's key and a small opening for food.

Underground Cave

A small cave that leads to the ocean and it is filled with multiple dive packs.


  • The stairs are inspired by M.C. Escher's work called "Relativity".
  • The island is actually a real island. It's called Seungbong-ri