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Sugar Honeycombs (설당 뽑기 Seoltang Ppopgi?), also known as Dalgona (달고나 Dalgona?) or Ppopgi, was the second game in the 33rd Squid Game held in 2020. In the game, contestants were tasked with using a needle to carve a shape out of a dalgona honeycomb without cracking the candy. Players whose honeycomb cracked or broke, or did not finish in time were eliminated from the game and shot in the head and die.

187 players entered the game: 79 were eliminated and 108 progressed to the next round.

Game Information

In Sugar Honeycombs, contestants were told to choose a honeycomb shape to carve out before being informed of the game's premise. The options were a circle, a triangle, a star, and an umbrella.

After selecting a shape, they were handed small metal containers. Inside, they found the shapes they chose drawn on the sugar honeycombs along with a small needle.

The game was to carve the shape out of the honeycomb without breaking it before the time ran out. Breaking/cracking the honeycomb or not carving it out in time resulted in being eliminated.

Shape Difficulty

  1. Umbrella: Umbrella is the hardest shape because of its many lines and angles.
  2. Star: This shape like the umbrella, also has a lot of lines. When you cut it out it breaks most of the time.
  3. Circle: Circle is a really easy shape because all you have to do is break it into pieces.
  4. Triangle: It's the easiest shape. It only has 3 lines and you can cut them out easily.

Players Eliminated

Player Shape
Park Ju-un (369)
Player 209
Player 061
Player 412
Player 182
Player 123
Player 338
Player 237
No Sang-hun (119)
Player 004 (Eun-Ji Lee)
Player 030
Player 042
Player 045
Player 053
Player 108
Player 134 (Chae Gang-Sun)
Player 148
Player 195
Player 197
Player 232
Player 238
Player 242
Player 279 (?)
Player 292
Player 325
Player 450
Player 449
Player 272 (?)
Player 167 (?)
Player 205 (?)
Player 418
Player 445
Player 098
Player 247
Player 443 (?)
Player 248 (?)
Player 121
Player 065 (?)
Player 227 (?)
Player 235 (?)
Player 402 (?)
33 Other Players

Player Ideas

Although they were told they needed to carve out the shape, they were never told that they had to use the needle included. Most of the players assumed they had to use the conventional method, but a couple of participants got creative.

Licking the Honeycomb

Seong Gi-hun holding the honeycomb to the light, showing that he was successfully melting the outline.

Player 456, Seong Gi-hun, chose the umbrella shape prior to the second game's beginning. This was remarkably the hardest shape to carve out, and thus he found himself at a disadvantage.

Nearing the game's end, Gi-hun noticed a change in the honeycomb's color where his sweat had fallen, after holding it up to the light he realized it was slowly melting. After this discovery, Gi-hun began licking the honeycomb, melting its thinnest part, and ultimately taking out the shape smoothly. Player 278 noticed him, then everyone started to replicate his own method, including Oh Il-nam, who later on thanked him for indirectly saving his life.

Using a Heated Needle

Han Mi-nyeo using the heated needle to carve out the star shape.

Player 212, Han Mi-nyeo, chose the star shape, the second hardest shape to carve out, proven by Oh Il-nam's initial struggle. Nonetheless, Mi-nyeo smuggled a lighter before the Squid Game was restarted, and was able to use it to heat the tip of the needle, making it much easier for her to carve the star out of the honeycomb. Later she lent her lighter to Jang Deok-su, who had also chosen the star shape, in order to prove herself as useful and to gain his alliance for future games.


  • When actors HoYeon Jung, Anupam Tripathi, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryoung and Lee Yoo-mi attempted to do a similar challenge, all of them failed.
  • This is a South Korean activity where the person must remove the shape that is implemented on the candy, without breaking it. Often vendors will allow you to have another, if you can successfully remove the shape.