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"Stick to the Team" is the fourth episode of the first season of the television series Squid Game.

This episode features Tug of War and the Special Round.

Official summary

As alliances form among the players, no one is safe in the dorm after lights-out. The third game challenges Gi-hun's team to think strategically.

—Official Netflix synopsis


After surviving Sugar Honeycombs, the announcer announces the results of the game, stating that out of 187 players, 79 were eliminated and 108 made it. The announcer then announces that it's mealtime, and all the players get in line for the meal, which is a boiled egg and a soda in a glass bottle. Jang Deok-su (101) complains about how he didn't get enough food, so he, along with 4 other players, cut the line for a second meal. Due to this, there was a shortage for 5 players. Player 198 points out who cut the line, and this leads to Player 271 getting angered at the five. 271 attempts to grab the drink from 101, which causes the drink to break. In a fit of rage, 101 then shoves 271 onto the floor, beating him as the Masked Men watch until he falls unconscious on the ground. Cho Sang-woo (218), along with Seong Gi-hun (456) check on 271, to find that he is eliminated. The managers do nothing and Gi-hun is disgusted.

30 minutes before lights out, Oh Il-nam (001), with Player 456, 218, and Ali Abdul (199), stick together, theorizing on a plan for tonight. 218 theorizes that this night will be dangerous due to the events beforehand. Player 456 then walks over to Kang Sae-byeok (067), offering that 067 can come to him for safety, although she rejects the offer.

Byeong-gi (111) is with guards, dissecting a body's organs for delivery. Guard 28 then comes in, and gets asked about the whereabouts of Guard 29. He states that Guard 29 didn't show up. 111 interjects, asking the guards what the next game is, and they give him an egg. The guards then point out that they gave the players less food today on purpose to start a fight between the players tonight. They tell 111 to stick with the strongest players in order to survive. He eats the egg in a restroom stall, pulling out a piece of paper stating the next game. 111 then walks over to 101 and his group of players, asking to join them. Player 212 looks at him, asking what he's good at. He states that he is a doctor and that they might need him, but 212 laughs, joking that he'll just give her a shot when she gets sick. 101 threatens 111, when 111 tells him that he knows the next game.

3 minutes before lights out, the announcer announces to the staff to get in position for the Special Round tonight. Guard 29, masked as a manager, gets in an elevator with other guards. The lights then go out. Player 101 goes towards 198, stabbing her with a part of the glass bottle that broke earlier. As she screams, each row of beds falls down. Player 067 then gets choked by Player 040. 101 goes after 067, trying to grab her. She manages to stab him in the stomach. He then pushes her back towards the row of beds, nearly breaking her arm. He attempts to choke 067, before kicking him in the groin. She climbs over the bed, and is cornered by 101, before being pushed over by Player 331. 101 manages to stab him repeatedly in the arm. Player 456 climbs out of a bed, hitting the floor. Player 413 appears behind him though, attempting to hit him with a metal rail. 456 runs, before getting hit by 413 in the back with a metal rail. He lands the bed, and pushes the player off. 456 grabs 413 by the leg, but 413 manages to hit him in the back. He almost hits 456, before being stopped by Player 199. Player 218 appears behind 456, repeatedly hitting 413 with another metal rail. 413 gets pushed by 199 into the crowd, and 218 asks if 456 is okay. Player 456 walks up the stairs, before Player 113 attempts to hit him with a metal rail. 218 then hits 113, and 199 pushes him off the stairs. Player 456, 113, and 218 attempt to look for Player 001, whilst every other player fights with each other. Player 067 finds 456, and runs to him. Player 101 appears behind 067, and 456 pushes 067 out of the way to grab 101. 067 kicks 101, before getting a bottle cracked on her head by Player 303. 218 hits 303, before getting kicked by Player 040. Along with Player 199, Player 067, 456, and 218 join him, protecting themselves from Player 101, 303, 040, 278, and 212. Player 001, on top of the bed, tries to speak over, stating that he is scared. The Front Man notices this, and tells the staff to end the Special Round. The guards come in the dorm, checking through every remaining player. Hwang Jun-ho goes towards Player 456, asking him if he knows someone named "Hwang In-ho." 456 states that they don't use their names here. Player 456, 218, 001, 199, and 067 all talk to each other. 456 asks if 001 is alright, and 199 expresses worry for him. 456 then suggests that they should introduce their names to each other, to which 199 states that it's Ssangmun-dong. 456 laughs, telling him that that is his hometown and that his real name is Seong Gi-hun. 218 asks 199 for his name, in which he responds that it's Ali Abdul. 456 then asks where he is from, to which he says he's from Pakistan. 456 asks where that's at, and 218 says that it's north of India. 456 then notices 067, and asks her what her name is, to which she responds that it's Kang Sae-byeok. 199 then asks 001 what his name is, to which he doesn't reply as he has a hard time remembering what it was.

Player 111 heals 101 by sewing a stab wound shut. Player 278 complains about the guards, stating that they shouldn't have made us kill each other then end it all of a sudden. The players then talk about ending the game during the Special Round, then winning the prize money. 101 interjects, stating that they can try to kill other players as long as they don't die. 212 tells the other players that they managed to eliminated 27 players, looking right at 101. 101 tells her that she shouldn't be calling him an old man as she looks old herself, to which she says that she shouldn't have lent him that lighter. He attempts to guess 212's age, and manages to get it right on the 3rd try. He asks what his reward is, to which she says she'll think in the restroom. They then have sex in the restroom while lighting up a cigarette. 101 promises 212 that they'll get out together. 212 asks 101 for his name, to which he says "Jang Deok-su." 212 takes the cigarette and smokes it, and tells him that if he betrays her, she'll kill him. They then kiss again while they resume having sex.

Hwang Jun-ho is in his dorm, keeping notes on his phone. Another man coughs in morse code "NUMBER 29" The lights in the Player's Dorm light up, signaling the 3rd game. The guards have their head count, while the players are dividing into teams of 10 for the next game. 212 tells 456 that they need more men for the game, and the 5 look for 5 more players to join their team. 199 meets with Player 276, and they join as a team as they realize their similarities as foreigners. 218 tries to get Player 069 to join his team, but fails as 069 will only join if he's with Player 070. Player 456 asks Player 244 if he can join his team and 244 agrees. Player 101 manages to form his team, leaving 212 behind. She looks at him, begging that she'll do better, to which 101 pushes 212 to the ground. 067, looking for another member, finds Ji-yeong (240), demanding her to join 067's team. The team is short of a member, with 212 complaining that their team is weak and that they'll end up with people who got kicked out. Player 212 hears this, and walks into the circle, joining the team, saying that she's better than 067 and 240 because they're wimpy. The timer then runs out, and the game starts.

The teams get led outside to another room. A guard introduces this as Tug of War, explaining the rules of the game. The guard then draws lots, deciding which teams will play in the game. The first two teams to face off is Team 1, which comprises of Player 101 and his gang, and Team 7. Team 1 wins almost instantly, pulling Team 7 off of their platform and to their deaths. Guard 28 and Hwang Jun-ho then carry Player 204 in a box, marking it with a cross. Team 4 and 5 then get chosen for the next round. Player 001 notices his team is demotivated, and explains that Tug of War is more than raw strength. He explains that it takes good teamwork to win a game of Tug of War, but his ideas get shot down by Player 276 and Player 196, stating that he's old. Player 456 tells them to just hear what 001 says. 001 explains his method. He says that a good leader is important, as the rest of the team relies on the leader to be confident in themselves. He then continues, saying that a strong and dependable person in the back is very important as well. He points out that players should be on opposite ends of the rope per player, both feet should face straight forward, and the rope should be held in your armpits so players can balance and put in all of their strength. Finally, 001 says to hold your ground and lean back for 10 seconds. The opposing team should be getting frustrated with this since they overestimated their strength. With an unreliable leader, they don't have as much a hold. The two teams get ready as the guards chain them to the rope; Player 456 is chosen as the leader, while Player 199 acts as the anchor. When the round starts, Team 4 holds their ground and Team 5 is unable to make much progress. Sure enough, Team 5's leader slips, and Team 4 immediately starts pulling the rope back. However, right as Team 5 is about to fall off their platform, they pull themselves together at the last second and gain the upper hand. As Team 4 is on the edge of falling, 218 suggests to take 3 steps forward, to which 212 exclaims that that'll get them eliminated. The team take 218's advice, and step forward, as the episode ends.