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Symbol manager alpha.png This page includes an official wiki policy.
This is considered an accepted standard that editors on the Squid Game Wiki must follow. For other policies, see Category:Policies.
Squid Game Wiki has some general policies and guidelines that have been proposed by the administrators and generally accepted by the community. Please read through the general policies below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding the general policies, don't be afraid to ask an admin.
For other policies, see Category:Policies.


  • Please follow the Fandom Terms of Use, this includes having to be 13 years of age or older to be on this site.
  • No spamming posts/comments
  • No harassment of others or general disruption
  • No starting drama, please do not get involve in a situation that doesn't involve you and please also do not fuel drama on purpose.
  • No vandalism
  • No bypassing bans with other accounts or use of multiple accounts
  • No racism, homophobia, transphobia or any of that sort, discrimination or hate speech is not tolerated
  • No spam reporting comments/posts that do not break the rules in any ways and are just for "jokes."
  • No spoilers to people who didn't watch the entire series. Although people come to the wiki normally after finishing the series, some don't.
  • Do not give out personal information of yourself.
  • Do not plagiarize other's work of any sort.
  • Do not give out scam links or links filled with heavy viruses. Trading of any currency is not allowed.
  • NSFW and Gore are heavily prohibited, keep all things SFW here.
  • Do not post inappropriate posts.
  • No trolling/reporting false information to moderators.
  • Please respect moderators as you would to any normal user, you may have suggestions or complaints, but keep this place a safe environment.


  • Swearing is acceptable in this wiki but with limitations. Do not overly swear or use swear words to be toxic. You cannot go out of the borderline of SFW using swear words. Do watch your mouth as well as do not be inappropriate with your swear words.


  • This site is strictly English-only, please do not speak or create pages in other languages. This is due to the entire staff team speaking English, and all pages here are in English. Speaking other languages makes it difficult to moderate, so please use English only. For the Editing Policies, when writing or making articles, you need to also use Standard English, this includes proper grammar and no typos or wrong punctuation.

Username Policies

  • All usernames must be SFW.
  • All usernames must be taggable.
  • No usernames should have swear words or slurs.
  • No copying other people's username with your username, this is impersonation and you will need to change your username.


  • It is forbidden to be petty about your warning. Most users do not take warnings well and instead think spamming if they should quit the wiki is a good way to handle the situation. When you get a warning, you have to deal with it and try to do better. Being petty about your warning/making posts asking about quitting the wiki is prohibited.
  • Making posts about quitting the wiki, as said, is forbidden, if you are going to quit the wiki for any such reason, you do not need to tell people about it, if you're gonna quit the wiki, just go on with in, telling people that your gonna quit the wiki is just annoying and is seemed as attention-seeking, spamming about it is just as bad too.

Message Wall Policies

  • All rules still apply in message walls.
  • No stirring up drama in people's message walls, this could be gossiping or hating on a user.
  • If a user tells you to stop messaging them, please respect their wishes and refrain from messaging them.
  • Sometimes, moderators tend to use message walls as a way to warn users for a rule they've broken or something they've done, please do not ignore them and read your message wall whenever there is a message from a moderator.


Before editing, please review Fandom's Community Central Policies as these are applicable on the Squid Game Wiki.