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This is considered an accepted standard that editors on the Squid Game Wiki must follow. For other policies, see Category:Policies.

Squid Game Wiki has some editing policies and guidelines that have been proposed by the administrators and generally accepted by the community. Please read through the editing policies below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules when editing. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding the editing policies, don't be afraid to ask an admin.

For other policies, see Category:Policies.

Writing Articles

  • Plagiarism and Original Research — Plagiarism of any kind (e.g. paraphrasing (copy-and-pasting) text and changing only a few words without proper permission) is strictly disallowed and will result in a user warning, and, if repeated, an indefinite block. Community Central also discourages this. Plus, you wouldn't steal a car, so why steal someone's hard work?
    Original research (an editor's own text that is not blatantly derived from other wikis), is preferred since this wiki should strive to be comprehensive, original, and achieve great depth about the show. To avoid potential problems regarding the O.R. being unreliable, reference it and read over the source.


  • In-Universe Point-of-View - All character articles on Squid Game Wiki are written from an in-universe point-of-view, as if they were written from someone in the show's universe. Out-of-universe content on character pages, such as information on their role in the show and the actors/actresses who played them, may only be discussed in Behind the Scenes sections. For example, the first sentence on Seong Gi-hun's page states he is "a long-standing resident of Ssangmun-dong, Seoul" and his role as the show's protagonist is mentioned in the Behind the Scenes section. Articles on the games in the Squid Games are also written from an in-universe point-of-view.
  • Out-of-Universe Point-of-View - Actor articles, alongside the article on the series, are written from an out-of-universe point-of-view.
  • 3rd Person View - Avoid talking to the readers


  • Naming - Files names must be a short description of the image.

Creating Pages

  • Do not create unnecessary pages - Do not create unneeded or unnecessary pages.
  • Do not create new pages that contain nonsense - Do not create new pages that contain nonsense or gibberish.
  • Do not create new pages that are unrelated or have nothing to do with Squid Game - All articles must be related to Squid Game.
  • Do not create pages that are in another language - In the General Policies, it is mentioned that this site is strictly English-only. For the Editing Policies, this applies as well when creating pages. Please use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structures, and follow Standard English when creating pages.

Editing Pages



Vandalism is the conspicuous defacement or destruction of information against the will of the owner/governing body. In the context of an online community project, it is a usually deliberate attempt to damage the usefulness of content for other viewers.

Vandalism could be said in many ways, but it's generally defined as the act of damaging of an article or page.

Types Of Vandalism

  • There are many types of Vandalism, but some notable examples include removing valuable content from pages, removing all the content from pages, adding false information, giving your personal comments in the page instead of using the comment section, spamming text, adding unnecessary or uneeded information, moving pages unessecarily (ex. moving a page to an unrelated name), or performing any edit that isn't made in good faith.


  • Vandalism is absolutely NOT tolerated on this wiki. Any account that constantly vandalizes pages will be infinitely banned.
  • This does not apply for hacking situations or if the vandalism was performed unintentionally, if it was a hacking situation however, you should provide valid proof that it was not you who vandalized.


  • Badge-farming is the act that occurs when a user makes pointless edits or additions to a page in order to make their goal to achieve a badge/achievement much easier. This is identified as an act of vandalism, since the edits made are straight-up useless and unnecessary.
  • Anyone caught badge-farming will receive a warning, and if the infrigements continue, a indefinite block.