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The Special Round, also known as the Special Game, was a bonus game that happened between Games 2 and 3, taking place in the lobby. Though not part of the six game line-up, this was a planned event of the staff to "weed out the weakest".

Game Information

The game started during the lights out by Player 101 by stabbing Player 198, because she snitched on 101 and his gang for cutting the line for seconds. Soon, a fight begins to break out. As the fight continued, the lights started to flicker.

The game ended when Oh Il-nam couldn't take it anymore and climbed on top of one of the highest beds and demanded things to stop. The lights then turned back to normal and soldiers started shooting on the ceiling to stop the brawling.

Player Techniques

Since this game was a free-for-all and there were no rules, players had many ways to eliminate each other.

  • Player 101 stabbed players with his broken bottle.
  • Player 067 stabbed players with a knife she smuggled in.
  • Several players made use of the metal bars of the beds as weapons.
  • Knocking down beds.
  • Suffocating players using bed sheets.
  • Strangulation using pillowcases.
  • Choking players.
  • Putting players in headlock.
  • Tackling players.
  • Kicking players.
  • Hitting players on the head with glass bottles.
  • Using a very long metal bar from a bed.
  • Jumping on top of someone from a bed.
  • Pushing players off bed staircases.
  • Hiding under beds.
  • The guards stood behind the lobby door to protect themselves.
  • The guards threatened players with guns so they did not attack.
  • Shooting the ceiling to scare the players.
  • Turning the lights back on which stops the players.
  • Opening the lobby door to make players think they can no longer fight each other.
  • Punching players.
  • Hiding under a blanket.
  • Putting your head under a pillow.
  • Screaming for help and to warn players somebody is trying to kill them.
  • Hitting the lobby door to get attention from the guards so they can break up the fight.
  • Grabbing onto players hair.
  • Grabbing on to players jackets.
  • Whipping your jacket onto players.
  • Knocking down beds to crush people near it.
  • Standing in a corner for a smaller angle to get attacked from.
  • Threatening players to stay in a corner or else you will attack them.
  • Telling players the next game in order to get on their team.
  • Suffocating players with clothes.
  • Hitting players with clothes.
  • Staying on top of beds for a lower chance of being attacked.
  • Pushing players off beds onto staircases or the floor.
  • Pinning players down.
  • Dodging an attack.
  • Pushing players out of the way when somebody is coming to attack that player.
  • Grabbing onto to a players weapon when they try attacking you with one.
  • Grabbing onto a players weapon and steal it from their hands.
  • Pouring a drink you got from a glass bottle onto a player.
  • Throwing food at players like it's a food fight.
  • Hitting players with a pillow.
  • Whipping a blanket around to hit a player.
  • Putting a blanket over a player to block their vision.
  • A square guard turned off the lights making it harder for the players to see each other.
  • Hiding in the bathroom.
  • Crying for the players to stop fighting.
  • Begging the Front Man to break up the fight.
  • Hitting the head of a player onto something.
  • Biting players.
  • Uppercutting players.
  • Tripping players.
  • Squeezing a player anywhere on their body.
  • Headbutting players.
  • Ripping the clothes on a player.
  • Hitting a player with a zipper from your jacket.
  • Elbowing players.
  • Hiding under staircases.
  • Drown players using a toilet from the bathroom.
  • Splash players with toilet or hot tap water.
  • Close/slam the bathroom door on a player.
  • Stealing a gun from a guard.
  • Try escaping after the lobby door opens.
  • Hiding under plenty of clothes.
  • Make a barricade.
  • Steal toilet paper from the bathrooms to wrap around players, making them trip.
  • Grab the lock from the stall doors in the bathroom and use it was a weapon.
  • Using the stall door from the bathroom to attack and/or defend.
  • Going to the bathroom and lock the door so nobody else can come in.
  • Using dead bodies and blood to scare players if they try coming near.
  • Form an alliance.
  • Try making players slip using clothes.
  • Take off shoes of another player and then place down glass shards from a broken bottle for them to step on.

Players Eliminated

Player 271 - Got hit by Jang Deok-su

Player 198 - Got stabbed by Deok-su's bottle

Player 074 - Got hit by Player 211’s metal bar

Player 331 - Got stabbed by Deok-su

Player 328 - Got strangled up by Player 224

Player 329 - Got stabbed by Player 131‘s bottle

Player 233

Player 222

Player 301

Player 361

Player 444

Player 206

Player 041

Player 012

Player 277

Player 073

Player 015

Player 051

Player 080

Player 300

Player 097

Player 036

Player 049

player 103

Player 006

Player 211

Player 034 - Icon disappeared