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Soldiers (symbolised by a △) are the armed guards who enforce the rules of the Squid Games and elimination policy, as well as maintain its integrity, by force.

They are equipped with H&K MP5A3 sub-machine guns and Smith & Wesson Model 19 revolvers for dispatching contestants.


A fireteam of Soldiers with their weapons raised.

Soldiers act on orders given by Managers, and are often assigned to specific players during certain games to oversee the elimination of players. Their primary role is to terminate eliminated players, execute any players caught breaking the rules, and to keep the players in-line during the intermission period between games.

In addition to their role as adjudicators, they are often seen flanking important personnel, such as Managers and the Front Man, as bodyguards; and assist in the search and capture efforts of Hwang Jun-ho.


  • These guards seem to speak in certain times, like in Marbles.

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