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"Red Light, Green Light" (무궁화 꽃이 피던 날 Mugunghwa Kkoch-i Pideon Nal?) is the pilot and first episode of the television series Squid Game. The writer and director of this scene (and subsequently, the rest of the series) was Hwang Dong-hyuk.

This episode features Red Light, Green Light (game).

Official summary

Hoping to win easy money, a broke and desperate Gi-hun agrees to take part in an enigmatic game. Not long into the first round, unforeseen horrors unfold.

—Official Netflix synopsis


Back in Gi-hun's childhood, kids would play a game called "Squid Game", including Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo. Gi-hun fondly remembers this.

Back to the present, Seong Gi-hun is very poor man due to owing large amounts of debts to loan sharks. He lives with his mother, who gives him some money to spend on his daughter's birthday gift. After she leaves, he finds the credit card she has hidden and gambles multiple times on horse races. After winning 4,500,000 won, he elatedly calls his daughter asking what she wants for her birthday. Unfortunately, he is chased by his Loan Sharks and is robbed of his newfound money by Kang Sae-byeok, which causes the loan sharks to threaten to kill him if they are not paid by the next month. Gi-hun then takes his daughter out for food with his meager money, disappointed that he can't give her as much as her stepfather.

The salesman giving Gi-hun the card.

On the train station, he is approached by a salesman to play a game of ddakji. Each round, whoever loses would give the other 100,000 won. However, when Gi-hun reveals he doesn't have money, the salesman decides to slap him when he loses instead. Determined to win money, Gi-hun is slapped many times until he finally wins. The salesman gives him the money along with a strange business card with a number on it and tells him to call if he wants to play again.

Gi-hun returns home ecstatic with the money and shows it to his mother. She asks how he got the money, and Gi-hun is vague with his answer. His mother warns him that unless he shows that he is financially able to support his daughter, her stepfather will move her to the United States and that Gi-hun will lose his connection to her. Desperate to keep his daughter, he calls the number on the business card. He is told to go to a secret address and to give a password to a person in the car. He enters the car and is knocked out by sleeping gas.

Gi-hun is driven to the games arena and wakes up in a room with 455 other people. Gi-hun then meets Player 001, who tells Gi-hun that he has dementia and a growing brain tumor. Gi-hun recognizes Player 067 as the pickpocket who stole his money. She was being attacked by Player 101, until Gi-hun stepped in to stop the fight.

A guard explaining the games to 456 confused players.

The guards enter the room and welcome the players, explaining that they will play six games over six days, and that whoever wins all six games will win a lot of money. Some players express disbelief of the games, to which the guard says that they know the players are in large debts and that they need the money the games offer them to have a better life.

They lead all the players through multiple staircases to the room for the first game, Red Light, Green Light. The game starts off in a room resembling a field with trees with a large doll and a finish line. At the starting line, a voice announces the rules of the game: they can move when the doll says "green light", but must stop when it says "red light". Moving when it says "red light" or not making it to the end in five minutes will result in being eliminated.

In the game, players must stand still when the doll says "red light", even when the deaths of the players around them unnerve them.

Once the game begins, players 324 and 250 run quickly, determined to win first. Player 324 accidentally moves when it says "red light", causing him to be eliminated as a bang is heard when he falls to the floor. Player 250 checks on him and sees 324 dead and vomiting blood, making him run away and get caught as well. This leads to a large amount of players getting eliminated from running away in panic due to the people dying around them, with only some surviving due to them staying in place. Eventually, everyone is either still or dead, with the voice once again reminding of the rules of the game.

The game resumes, but every player is too afraid to move forward, with the exception of player 001, who is enjoying himself despite the carnage. Eventually, other players start to follow his lead, with those who are careless getting eliminated. Meanwhile, Gi-hun is still lying on the ground frozen in fear, with a dead body lying on top of him. Player 218, Cho Sang-woo, who is Gi-hun's childhood best friend, catches up to him and warns him of the timer and that he cannot stay on the ground for much longer. He also advices Gi-hun to hide behind other players, as the doll is a motion sensor and will not detect him if he is behind someone else. After Sang-woo's advice, Gi-hun finally gets up and resumes the game.

Player 067 creeps up behind Player 101 and threatens to kill him in revenge by pushing him to make the doll catch him. 101 begs for mercy as 067 taunts him, but she pulls him to the ground while the doll is looking the other way and overtakes him.

Gi-hun takes Sang Woo's advice to hide behind another player, but his quarry is themselves shot. An injured player then grabs his leg and begs him for help, preventing him from making any progress on the next two green lights. Running out of time, Gi-hun pulls himself free and the other player is shot, this time fatally.

Throughout the game, a man with a black mask had been watching the scenes unfold on TV screens in some room. In fact, he was the one who ordered when the timer started. Now, he plays the song "Fly Me to the Moon" while drinking as he watches the remaining players try to win the game.

Eventually, some players reach the finish line, including players 067, 101, 218 and 001. Gi-hun almost makes it to the finish line when he trips over the corpse of another player, and would have been eliminated had Player 199 not caught him when the doll said "red light". The two make it to the end just as the timer ends, and the rest of the players who did not finish the game within the time limit are eliminated. The roof of the game room closes as it is revealed that they are on a secluded island.


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  • Hwang Jun-ho is credited, despite not appearing in this episode. This is most likely a producer oversight.
  • There were two scenes that were outtakes but were added in to show Gi-hun's caring personality.[1]
    • The scene where Gi-hun gives Sae-byeok's coffee back after bumping into her is an outtake. Jung Ho-yeon was hiding her laughter behind her hair.
    • The scene where Gi-hun feeds a stray cat was added by Lee Jung-jae.
  • During the game, during one scene, we see what the doll sees, and during that time, look closely and you can see that player 001 has not been scanned. That is one of the earliest hints about his true identity.