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So he went right.
Player 453 after she accidently guided Player 021 to the wrong glass panel, leading to his death

Player 453 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.


Player 453 was in heavy debt and chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money. After waking up in a large room with 455 other people, she signed a contract and took her photo. She managed to survive the first game, Red Light, Green Light, after most of the contestants had been wiped out. Afterwards, like everyone else, she was shaken by the deaths of the contestants, and went on her knee begging for the staff to spare her life. A vote was held if the game should continue, and she voted yes after knowing how much money she could win, but the majority voted no. However, those who were willing to return could, and she returned, along with most of the other players.

Player 453 partnering in marbles

She managed to survive the second game, Sugar Honeycombs. She was seen in Tug of War, as a member of Team 8. It is known that she was in Do Jung-soo's team. He passed that game. In Marbles, she beat her opponent, Player 085 in the fourth game Marbles, and survived until the fifth game, Glass Stepping Stones. For the game, she chose the number 5, which meant she would be the fifth to go. When the player in front of her, Player 021, asked what the order was, and she said she could not remember. However, while Player 244 told her the truth, Player 151 told her a lie, which she believed and told 021, causing him to fall off.


Player 453's dead body

After 021 fell, she was forced to figure out the glass panels herself, but she failed, causing her to fall to her death.


Player 453's appearances
Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Episode Four Episode Five Episode Six Episode Seven Episode Eight Episode Nine

Behind the Scenes

Player 453 was portrayed by actress Yang Mal-bok. Episode 6's another 453 was portrayed by an unknown extra, and Episode 4 and 5's another 453 was portrayed by an unknown extra that possibly portrayed Player 004 too.


  • In a continuity error, Player 085 is instead seen playing Marbles with Player 158.
  • Player 453 is not seen falling from the glass bridge. Instead we see her chess piece fall to the ground, and the VIPs laugh at her death. This is likely because the bridge, being 1.5 metres above the ground, was too high for the actress to fall from due to her old age. In fact, in a behind the scenes clip, she had to be helped getting across each stepping stone.
  • In a mistake, in the sixth episode, another actress portrayed her in lobby.
  • In the Tug of War, when she is in Team 8, another actress that reminds of Player 004 portrayed her.