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Wow, that thing has a big-ass head.
Player 324 talking to Player 250 about how Young-hee has a big head.

Player 324 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020. He was the first contestant to be eliminated from the game.


Player 324 was a laid-back individual. He didn't seem too concerned over waking up in an unknown place, instead choosing to goof around like a person on vacation. He would even make bets with his friend, Player 250, on who would win the first game. This would lead to his death and elimination.

Although he was unaware of his possible death, he still did not take the games very seriously, despite the fact that if he won, he could have been freed from his debts.


Player 324 and chose to enter the Squid Game to win money. While taking photos, he made a silly pose, in which he stuck out his tongue and put up index fingers. He was pushed away by Player 250 for taking too long.

Later, everyone was taken to an open area with a robot doll at the front. It was revealed that the game was Red Light, Green Light. He then made a ₩1 million bet with Player 250 for who would make it to the end first.


When the doll turned around and called out "Green Light," Player 324 and Player 250 ran forward as fast as they could. Unfortunately, when the doll called out "Red Light", Player 324 lost his balance and was unable to catch himself before the doll detected his movements, and was therefore shot and killed. He was the first player to be eliminated from the game, and his elimination made the other players realize that "elimination" means death, causing most of them to panic and flee.

After the Red Light Green Light concluded, he was incinerated like all deceased contestants in the game.


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Behind the Scenes

Player 324 was portrayed by Lee Han-sol.


Player 324 makes a bet with Player 250 on Red Light, Green Light.

Player 324's portrait

Player 324's death