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We could've ended this without playing any games.
Player 303 responded to Player 278's concerns on why the special round riot stopped.

Player 303 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.


Player 303 was in heavy debt and chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money. After waking up in a large room with 455 other people, he signed a contract and took his photo. He managed to survive the first game, Red Light Green Light, after most of the contestants had been wiped out. A vote was held if the game should continue, but the majority voted no. However, those who were willing to return could, and he returned, along with most of the other players.

He, along with a few others, laughed when Jang Deok-Su (Player 101) made a sex joke about Han Mi-nyeo (Player 212), smirking at her. During the Sugar Honeycomb challenge Player 303, 040, and 278 were struggling to complete their shape until they saw Gi-hun lick his honeycomb. They were able to complete the challenge before time ran out Before the third game, Tug of War, he teamed up with 101, 212, Byeong-gi (Player 111), Player 278, and others to eliminate others during the Special Round. The same group also won in Tug of War. Their team number is 1 for that challenge. While other players were preparing to defend themselves, both Player 040 and Player 303 were playfully fighting with their metal bars. Jang Deok-su ordered the two to rest instead of prepare for the next riot. The alarm went off during the night and all the players were forced out of their beds. During the staff investigation, both 040 and 303 noticed that Byeong-gi (111) did not return from the bathroom


In Marbles, 303 was partners with 040. However, 040 later was shown losing to another player, 426. Neither Player 303 and 426 are seen ever again after the game ends. This is all likely a continuity error.


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Behind the Scenes

Player 303 was portrayed by the actor Kim Dong-won.


  • Despite his player number being clearly visible, he is credited as Deok-su's Gang Member 4.