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That idiot got caught.
Player 250 to Player 324 for getting eliminated first.

Player 250 was a contestant of the 33rd Squid Game in 2020. He was the second player to be eliminated from the game, after Player 324.


Player 250 was a somewhat goofy individual. Despite waking up in an unknown place with strange people, he did not show much concern and spent most of his time joking with his friend, Player 324. He would even make bets with him on who would win the first game.

Although he was unaware of his possible death for most of the game, he still did not show too much concern, despite the possibility of being freed from his debt if he had won the game. He did seem to show concern for Player 324 when he collapsed. He only got serious once he saw him spit blood out from his mouth. He was understandably scared by this and reacted, and ran, even though he knew that he would be killed next if he moved.


Player 250 chose to enter the Squid Game to win money along with the other contestants. While taking his contestant picture, the person in front of him, Player 324, spent too long making silly faces, so he pushed him away in order to take his own photo.

Later, everyone was taken to Red Light, Green Light, where the competitors had to move towards a large, robotic doll while it is facing away and freeze in place upon the doll's head turning to face them. Before the game, both Player 250 and Player 324 made a ₩1 million bet on who could cross the finish line before the other.

At the start of the game, Player 324 pushed Player 250 before running to gain a head start, but the former did not leave enough time to stop before the doll turned around, causing him to be eliminated from the game. Player 250 made a snide remark about the situation, Player 324 was then shot, and fell to the ground in shock.


Player 250 being shot

Player 250, thinking Player 324 was on an act, runs to him and tells him to drop the act and leave. However, Player 324 is only able to release a pool of blood out of his mouth before dying, causing Player 250 to recoil and run away. He was immediately detected by the doll and shot by one of the snipers, splattering his blood all over Player 306.


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Behind the Scenes

Player 250 was portrayed by actor Park Ji-hoon.