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Excuse me. Those people... They took the food twice. I saw them.

Player 198 informing the guards and Player 271 that Jang Deok-su and his team took extra food.

Player 198 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.


Player 198 was in heavy debt and chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money. After waking up in a large room with 455 other people, she signed a contract and took her photo. She managed to survive the first game, Red Light, Green Light, after most of the contestants had been wiped out. She was likely upset from how the organization kill players for being eliminated. While it is unknown if she voted to stay in the games or not, she was initially sent home since majority voted to terminate the games. She and 186 other players decided to come back to win the prize money. She also passed the Sugar Honeycombs challenge.

After the second challenge, everyone queued for the meal that had been provided to them, she being one of the last ones in line. However, despite there originally having been enough for everyone, there was not enough left for the last 5 players in, including Player 271. Player 198 then revealed that she saw Player 101 (also known as Jang Deok-su) and his group had cut the queue and took seconds.


Player 198 Screams Warning everyone to wake up before dying.

When the lights were turn off, Jang Deok-su and his squad decided to participate and start a riot in the lounge. Since Player 198 revealed that Jang Deok-su and his allies stole their food, he went to her bed and stabbed her neck multiple times. She screamed in agony, warning all the players to wake up. Although she was clearly killed in Special Round, her icon is shown in the player photos during Tug of War. This is likely a continuity error.

Behind the Scenes

There is a continuity error where a man uses the number 198. The true player 198 is portrayed by Kim Hee-seo.


Player 198's icon in Tug of War.


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