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Player 123 was a contestant who participated in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020, being one of the first people eliminated in the second game of the competition. He appears in the Season One episode "The Man with the Umbrella".


After accumulating large amounts of debt, Player 123 chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money, being picked up and sedated by Squid Game staff and taken to the island where the games took place. He then woke up in a large room with 455 other people and signed a contract and took his photo.

He managed to survive the first game, Red Light, Green Light, and was one of many people to return to the game after voting.


After the elimination of Player 369 set off a wave of deaths during Sugar Honeycombs, Player 123 was one of those eliminated, being shot in the head and killed by a guard.

Behind the Scenes

Player 123 was portrayed by an unknown extra.


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