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He's right. If you don't let us go, they'll locate us by tracking our phones and come find us! Then that will be it for you!

Player 066 agreeing with No Sang-hun and confronting a Manager.

Player 066 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020. He is one of the contestants who didn't return.


Player 066 was in debt and decided to participate in the 33rd Squid game. He and 200 other contestants survived the first game "Red Light, Green Light" and was disgusted and scared by the style of elimination the Manager was talking about.

When he was in main lounge with the remaining players, he stood in front when the manager and employees congratulated them for winning the first round. He was one of few contestants to speak out against the manager. He demanded the manager to take him home and keep the money. He also agreed with No Sang-hun that police will be tracking their phones to save them (although the Guards most likely have someway of preventing that). Fortunately, Cho Sang-Woo (218) remembered the third clause which allows the players to vote on terminating the Squid games. He and 100 other contestants voted to terminate the Squid Game and he celebrated with those who were excited that the games were over. He was sent back to his hometown and didn't return.


He was 1 of 14 contestants to not return alongside with 13 other Players after the voting segment. He is currently being supervised by the staff.


Prize money or no prize money, I don't care! Just please let me out!

Player 066 to a manager

While not much is known about him, his time spent in Squid game shows that he values his life more than the money they offered. Furthermore, he was one of many to confront the employees about their style of elimination (death), and decided to not return after voting for the Squid Games' termination.


Player 066's appearances
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Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Won Choon-gyu in Episode 2: Hell.
  • In the first episode, his pink status icon is a woman, indicating that the original actor for Player 066 was someone else. However, another male actor portray as Player 066 in Red Light, Green Light Episode. The other 066 were portrayed by unknown extras


  • Actor Won Choon-gyu is only credited for his appearance in Episode 2: Hell. Won Choon-gyu did not return to do more episodes after episode two. This provides more evidence of Player 066 leaving the Squid Games after game's initial termination.
  • 3 actors portrayed Player 066 within a span of 2 episodes.