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Try to remember. I need to get this right for you to live.
Player 021 to Player 453

Player 021 asking 453 which glass panels Player 062 picked

Player 021 was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.


Player 021 was in heavy debt and chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money. After waking up in a large room with 455 other people, he signed a contract and took his photo. He managed to survive the first game, Red Light Green Light, after most of the contestants had been wiped out. Afterwards, like everyone else, he was shaken by the deaths of the contestants, when the prize money was finally revealed. A vote was held if the game should continue, but the majority voted no. However, those who were willing to return could, and he returned, along with most of the other players.

He managed to survive the second game, Sugar Honeycombs, and the third game, Tug of War, and beat his partner, Player 276, in the fourth game Marbles, and survived until the fifth game, Glass Stepping Stones. For the game, he chose the number 4, which meant he would be the fourth to go.


Player 021 falling to his death

When it was his turn, he could not remember the pattern that the math teacher took, and so he asked the person behind him, Player 453, for help, but she also could not remember either. The 2 players behind her, Player 244 and Player 151 argued whether it was left or right. He decided to go left, and fell off the bridge.

Corpse of player 021


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Behind the Scenes

The "other" Player 021

There is a continuity error where in Red Light, Green Light, another player can be seen wearing the 021 tag. The actual Player 021 was portrayed by Moon Byung-joo.

Another player 021 in Red Light, Green Light