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"One Lucky Day" (운수 좋은 날 Unsu Joeun Nal?) is the ninth episode and final episode of the first season of the television series Squid Game.

This episode features Squid Game (game)


The final round presents another cruel test — but this time, how it ends depends on just one player. The game's creator steps out of the shadows.

—Official Netflix synopsis


The remaining players are now in the final round playing Squid Game, with Gi-hun (Player 456) as the offense and Sang-woo (Player 218) as the defense. A Manager takes them to the game arena, (the same field where Red Light, Green Light was played) and tells them the rules. The players get into position and play the game. Gi-hun easily completes the first few stages of the game, but when he reaches the final stage, the two players abandon the game rules and begin fighting to the death. While fighting, Sang-woo claims that killing Sae-byeok (Player 067) was a mercy kill, but Gi-hun sees through Sang-woo's lies. Eventually, Sang-woo admits he killed Sae-byeok to prevent her and Gi-hun from obtaining the majority vote to end the game, which would have prevented him from winning any money.

456 and 218 fighting

Player 218 and 456 fighting.

As the two players continue fighting, it soon begins to rain, and Sang-woo gains the upper hand after viciously stabbing Gi-hun in the thigh. Sang-woo is about to deliver the killing blow when Gi-hun bites Sang-woo's shin, causing the latter to scream in pain, giving Gi-hun the upper hand. Gi-hun pins Sang-woo to the ground and takes the knife from his hand. However, Gi-hun refuses to kill Sang-woo and stabs the knife in the ground, walking towards the Squid's head to win by default. Just as Gi-hun is about to win, he turns back to convince Sang-woo to end the game, invoking the 3rd clause of the Agreement Form. The two reminisce about old times and Sang-woo slowly reaches for Gi-hun's hand but instead takes the knife beside him and stabs himself in the neck. Gi-hun is caught completely off guard, and holds a dying Sang-woo in his arms, distraught but helpless and Sang-woo slowly chokes to death. Sang-woo can only mutter the words "My mum...", implying that he wants Gi-hun to help his mother with his prize money. Gi-hun cries uncontrollably at the loss of his childhood friend.

After the games, Gi-hun is tied and blindfolded in a limousine with The Front Man, who surprisingly has his mask off. He congratulates Gi-hun for winning, but Gi-hun only demands to know who he is and why he has been doing this. The Front Man refuses to answer, instead telling Gi-hun the contestants are no more than horses on a racetrack. Before Gi-hun can ask any more questions, The Front Man releases the same sleeping gas, and Gi-hun goes unconscious. Gi-hun is dropped off to a street where an evangelist quickly helps him up. He chokes up a credit card and checks it in an ATM for the cash prize. He goes back to his home where he is greeted by Mrs. Cho and asks about her son. Gi-hun is unable to look at her, still feeling guilty for the events that had transpired. Gi-hun finally arrives at his mom's house. He goes looking for her and finds her on the floor. Gi-hun attempts to wake her up, before realizing that she is dead. At that moment, he lies down beside her, hugging his mother.

A year later, Gi-hun is asked to go to a bank to talk to the bank manager about his barely touched fortune. After leaving the bank, he goes to sit and drink on the riverside. A flower seller approaches him and begs him to buy one of the flowers on her bouquet. Gi-hun reluctantly agrees and the seller thanks him and leaves. He looks at the flower noticing a small black envelope with a pink bow, and is shocked by the sight of a Squid Game business card inside, telling him to go to the Seoul Sky Building. Once he gets there, he sees a bed. He walks closer and sees Il-nam on it. Gi-hun gets furious and asks questions but Il-nam insists on making a bet with Gi-hun about whether the drunk man will stay there till midnight or not. While waiting, Il-nam starts talking about the reason he started the games-because it was fun. When midnight strikes, the drunk man gets help and Il-nam finally dies.

"It's the money I owe Sang-woo"

Gi-hun gets a haircut and goes to the orphanage where Cheol stays and takes him to Mrs. Cho to watch over him. She opens the suitcase to look for the boy's clothes but finds stacks of money and a note. Mrs. Cho shouts out to Gi-hun but he is already gone.

Gi-hun walks out of a train, making his way to the airport while talking to his daughter on the phone. He hears a loud bang and a groan. He hangs up and finds it coming from the salesman playing ddakji again with a man on the other side of the station. Gi-hun frantically runs to the other side to get the salesman but the man gets on the train and leaves. He turns to the other man and furiously grabs the card from the him and tells him not to go. Later, Gi-hun boards the plane, but stops to call the number. Once he dials the number, The Front Man answers. He warns Gi-hun to not get involved and board his plane for his own good. He turns back, stating that his trip to see his daughter will lead to danger for the family, and goes back.


  • The episode's title is a reference to a Korean novel of the same name written in 1924. The novel tells the story of a rickshaw man whose wife is ill, and wishes to have some ox bone soup before she passes. One day, he manages to earn a lot of money and buys the ox bone soup for his wife, only to find her dead, having finally succumbed to the illness.[1]
  • This, and Hell are both the least rated episodes on IMDb with scores of 7.5 .