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Red Light, Green Light? The thing we did as kids in the playground?
Oh Yeong-uk asking Gi-hun about the 1st game in "Red Light, Green Light"

Player 118's dead body

Oh Yeong-uk (오영욱 O Yeong-ug?), also known as Player 118, was a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.


Oh Yeong-uk was ₩1.02 billion in debt and chose to enter a high-risk competition to win money. He woke up in a large room with 455 other people. After the guards explain the games and the prize, he questions their sincerity, considering they were all gassed, stripped and brought inside a "strange warehouse". Nevertheless, he signed a contract and took his photo afterwards.

Later, everyone was taken to an open area with Young-hee, a creepy robot doll, at the front. It was revealed that the game was Red Light, Green Light, which Yeong-uk played as a kid. When the doll turned around, everyone ran forward, with Player 250 and Player 324 ahead of everyone, but 324 wasn't able to stop in time before Young-hee turned around, causing him to be eliminated. 324 then slumped over, and Yeong-uk then asks Seong Gi-hun about the loud bang, and if he heard that.

250, thinking 324 was putting up an act, ran to him and asked him to stop faking, until he noticed blood gushing from 324's head, causing him to recoil and try to run away, but the doll, who was still looking, detected him and shot him, splattering his blood all over Player 306, causing her to scream and be shot, causing everyone to panic.


Please, help me. Please?
Oh Yeong-uk's last words as he begs for Gi-hun to help him.

Yeong-uk being shot by a sniper rifle after having been detected by the doll

As chaos ensued, many people, including Yeong-uk, started running towards the doors at the back, which the doll detected, subsequently resulting in the deaths of many people. Even though Yeong-uk was hit, he survived as he was shot in the leg, but was badly injured, and was bleeding very hard, pulling Seong Gi-hun's leg, begging him to help him. However he broke out of his grip, when the doll said "Red Light", he started raising his shakey hands towards Gi-hun, but the doll saw him shaking his hand, and he got shot in the chest with a sniper, this time killing him. His dead body is shown with blood on his hand when the players were running towards the finish line, although he wasn't the person in the coffin, due to Oh Yeong-uk being shot dead

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Behind the Scenes

Oh Yeong-uk was portrayed by Hong Woo-jin.