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Once we’re a team, we’ll be, uh…

Number 28's Last words before getting shot by Hwang Jun-ho in A Fair World

Worker Number 28 was a guard and organ trafficker during the 33rd Squid Game.


Number 28, like all other guards, conceals his face with a mask. He is a Worker, meaning that his primary role is not containment of the contestants, but maintenance of the site's facilities. However, Number 28 is revealed to be corrupted by greed, and works with several other Soldiers, as well as Player 111 - a former doctor - to traffic the organs of deceased contestants on the Chinese black market.

During "The Man with the Umbrella", he communicates via morse code with Worker Number 29, who is 'in' on the organ trafficking scheme, unaware that Hwang Jun-ho is in fact disguised as him and is spying.

In "A Fair World", Number 28 brings Jun-ho to the underground surgery room, and becomes suspicious of his erratic movements and apparent lack of knowledge of the operation. As the pair leave to transport the organs using diving equipment, Number 28 unsheathes a knife, ordering Jun-ho to remove his mask to prove his identity. Jun-ho complies, but draws his gun in the process, forcing Number 28 to surrender and remove his own mask.

Jun-ho demands information from Number 28 about the VIPs and the whereabouts of his brother, and Number 28 tells him that the information is stored in the penthouse, alongside lists of players. After pleading for his life, he is shot in the head and killed.


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Behind the Scenes

Number 28 is played by Heo Dong-won.