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Marbles was the fourth game of the 33rd Squid Game held in 2020. The game involved players choosing one partner with whom they would play a marble game of their choice, with the losers eliminated, and the winners progressed to the next game, Glass Stepping Stones.

39 players entered the game; 22 died and 17 progressed to the next round. Notable eliminations include Player 199, Player 001 and Player 240.

Game Information

The rules of the game are as follows: "Using your set of ten marbles, play the game of your choice with your partner. The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins."

Prior to knowing what the game would be, the players had to team up with someone. Afterwards, it was revealed they had to compete against each other. Player 111 Shot The Guards

They were each given a bag with 10 marbles, the game's objective was to gain the other player's 10 marbles through any game of their choice within the 30 minutes given. The player who collected all ten of their partner's marbles won the game, and were escorted out of the game room. The players who had lost their marbles, or failed to complete the game before the time ran out were eliminated.

Players Eliminated

Players Passed

all partners


  • There is an error where more than 39 people are seen in the episode.
  • There was supposed to be a 40th player, Byeong-gi, but he was executed for cheating before the game began.
    • This is the reason Han-Mi nyeo survived this game. Due to the fact there is an odd number of people, she didn't participate and went on to the next game.
  • Even though only 17 people made it to Glass Stepping Stones, 27 people died in this game.
  • Though it is unconfirmed, it is theorized that the Marbles game is completely survivable for all players involved. While the rules state that a player must obtain all ten of their partner's marbles to win, they do not specify that you have to possess all twenty marbles in play, meaning that if two players played a cooperative game or somehow gave all ten of their marbles to their partner, they could theoretically both survive.
    • This is further reinforced by Oh Il-nam mentioning the concept of gganbu, alluding to the possibility that all players could survive if they shared their marbles, as true gganbu would do.


  1. Mi-nyeo did not participate in the game as she was taken away by the staff due to not partnering with anyone
  1. Someone on Youtube named 3Eiscue said that 345 made it to Marbles cause he heard the speaker say "Player 345, eliminated" Even though in the Netflix subtitles the speaker never says "Player 345, eliminated" I believe him even though he might be lying