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Did you forget the rules? You do not speak unless your superior allows you to.
The masked deck supervisor 3 to Jun-ho (disguised as a worker) and Jun-ho (disguised as a manager) to a worker in The Man with the Umbrella and Stick to the Team

Managers (symbolised by a ☐) are the ground leaders who act on behalf of the Front Man. They organise groups of guards in order to facilitate the effective running of the Games.

Managers are armed more modestly than their subordinates: they carry a Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver.


Managers seen operating surveillance of the Games.

These Managers are responsible for organising, monitoring, and (in some cases) enforcing the Games. This is done by giving orders to Soldiers, disciplining guards who step out of line, and making objective decisions on the spot.

Managers are permitted to speak more freely than other guards, allowing them to relay scheduled information to the players and act as ambassadors of the Squid Games. Despite this, they are the most enigmatic guards given their position of authority.


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