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The Lobby is a location in Squid Game. It is where the players stay between the Games. It is also known as The Bedroom.


The lobby is a rectangular room with metal-framed bunk beds lining the walls. Its basic architecture and monotone walls reflect its sterile nature. Aside from the beds, there is a large screen on the wall that displays the number of contestants remaining as well as the prize money.

A large clear acrylic piggy bank is periodically lowered from the roof of the lobby as a display piece, accompanied by yellow theatre lights and upbeat chiptune arcade game-like music. It contains the winnings of the 33rd Squid Game in the form of stacks of banknotes. There also seems to be fluorescent lights attached on the black parts of the walls.


Players are first introduced to the lobby in Episode 1 where they wake up, confused and unfamiliar with their surroundings and environment.

This is also the location of where the Special Round happened.