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The Loan Shark is a minor character appearing in "Red Light, Green Light" as Seong Gi-hun's loan shark.


The Loan Shark and his men found Seong Gi-hun at a racetrack. They chased him into the toilet where the Loan Shark demanded the money Gi-hun owed him. Gi-hun wanted to give him his money but it had been stolen by a pickpocketer. The loan shark hit him which resulted in Gi-hun getting a nose bleed. He tasted his blood, which he claimed to have found sweet, and threatened it with the emptiness of his blood. He claimed to have mercy on Gi-hun and asked him to sign a waiver. He informed Gi-hun that if he did not reimburse him next month, he would take his kidney. He signed again with his blood when Gi-hun told him he had no ink and then left with the papers sneering.

Behind the Scenes

The Loan Shark is played by Kim Pub-lae. His men are played by unknown actors.


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