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Kang Eun-ji is Gi-hun's former wife and the mother of their child, Seong Ga-yeong.


Kang Eun-ji is someone who puts her family first and prioritizes them over everything. She wants Ga-yeong to have the best life, and still holds a grudge from years ago towards her ex-husband Seong Gi-hun for not showing up to her birth and supporting her as she crawled to the hospital due to Gi-hun choosing to stay with his dying co-worker during their strike. She has a generally negative view of Gi-hun and considers him to be a terrible parent. However, it is implied that she is on good terms with his mother, as his mother was nice to her. She is also extremely protective of her daughter, and won't let her eat certain foods as she considers them "junk food".


In the first episode, due to it being her daughter's birthday, she allows Gi-hun to spend time with her, though she makes digs at him when taking her back. In the second episode, Gi-hun begs her for financial assistance, but she gets upset at him and angrily berates him for all the grievances she held years prior. When he reveals that he needs the money in order to give treatment to his mother, who has a severe case of diabetes, she tells him she has no money.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her new husband and their children.


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Behind the scenes

She is portrayed by Kang Mal-geum.


  • She knows how to drive.[1]
  • She is credited as "Ex-wife" (전처 Jeoncheo?) throughout the series.
  • During a brief flash of Gi-hun's profile, Her name is Kang Eun-ji (강은지) and her birthday is December 13, 1980.[2]