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Deok-su's gang during the Special Round.

Jang Deok-su's gang, known as Team 1 during Tug of War, was a team formed in the 33rd Squid Game right after the players rejoined the games. Led by the gangster Jang Deok-su, other members of the initial formation of the gang consisted of Player 278, Player 303 and Player 040.

After helping Deok-su in the second game, Han Mi-nyeo was accepted in the gang. After Deok-su killed Player 271, the players realized that they could kill each other in between games without suffering any punishment from the Guards. This caused the gang to plan a riot after the lights went out. Five minutes before the lights went out, the doctor Byeong-gi approached the gang and asked to join, seeking protection. The riot initiated by the gang during the Special Round resulted in the deaths of 27 players.

Deok-su's gang after winning Tug of War.

Right before the Tug of War game, Player 360, Player 083, Player 122, Player 357, Player 032 joined the group, forming Team 1. Having received information about the third game thanks to the doctor conspiring with the masked guards, Deok-su betrayed Mi-nyeo and kicked her out of the team in favor of having only strong men. This caused Mi-nyeo to ally with their rival group, Seong Gi-hun's team.

During the Marbles game, eight members of Deok-su's team were eliminated. The only survivors were Jang Deok-su, Player 360, and the former member Han Mi-nyeo. All three were eliminated in the following game, Glass Stepping Stones.


Marble Teams

  • Jang Deok-su vs Player 278 (Deok-su won)
  • Player 040 vs Player 303 (040 loses to 426. Neither 303 or 426 are seen after the game is over. This is likely a continuity error)
  • Player 083 vs Player 032 (both were killed for running out of time)
  • Player 122 vs Player 357 (both were killed for running out of time)
  • Player 360 vs Player 002 (360 won)