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"Hell" (지옥 Ji-ok?) is the second episode of the first season of the television series Squid Game. This includes the voting scene.


Split on whether to continue or quit, the group holds a vote. But their realities in the outside world may prove to be just as unforgiving as the game.

—Official Netflix synopsis


After the first game, all the surviving contestants are brought back to the lobby. The guards enter the lobby and congratulate the players for winning the first game, stating that 255 players were eliminated. At this, many players beg to stop playing the games, promising that they will pay off their debts. A guard clarifies that the point of the games are not to punish players for their debts, but to give them a chance.

Many players refuse to continue playing the games, and Sang-woo invokes the third clause of the form that says the game can end upon a majority vote so they can leave. The guards agree to the voting but shows the cash prize first, the piggy bank lowers and begins to be filled up with stacks of cash. The guards state that the player can make a choice between leaving or staying, all of the players vote until it was a tie, and the final vote of Il-nam (Player 001) temporarily ends the game. The participants are thrown off vans onto empty streets and Gi-hun is untied by Sae-byeok who had hesitated to do so, fearing Gi-hun would bother her about the stolen prize. Sang-woo pays for Ali's bus ride to Ansan.

Gi-hun tries to report the game at the police station, but the very idea of it sounds ridiculous to the point the officers refuse to believe him, mistaking him for a drunk person. Jun-ho, searching for his missing brother, finds an invitation card in his apartment which was from the game, leading him to suspect Gi-hun's claims are true. Gi-hun, not finding his mother at home, meets Sang-woo, who is afraid to meet his mother. Sang-woo reveals that he is actually in a debt of billions, and he is not able to pay any of that back. Soon after, Gi-hun receives a call from the Emergency Medical Center that his mother has been diagnosed with diabetes.

Even after persuasion, she walks out of the hospital, and upon being told to stay back in the hospital with the insurance money, reminds Gi-hun that he had cancelled all their insurances to pay for his bets. Sae-byeok consoles her brother that she will get him out of the orphanage and rescue her parents from North Korea, while Ali severely injures his boss with factory equipment for his paycheck, with which he sends his family back to Pakistan telling them he will be back in some time. Sang-woo informs his mother that he is on a business trip, while he tries to commit suicide by fume inhalation.

Instead, he receives a second invitation card from Squid Game and he finally decides to go back. Gi-hun tries to borrow money from his ex-wife, but rejects the offer since he does not want to forget his daughter. Meanwhile, Deok-su kills his gambling boss for calling the gang upon him. At a cafeteria, Gi-hun meets Il-nam who claims that he does not have any address and thus lives at his friend's house in the neighbourhood. Jun-ho tracks down Gi-hun and asks him about the games, who agrees to lead him to the origin. As Gi-hun enters his home, he receives the card and decides to step back in with Jun-ho following the van.


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  • This and One Lucky Day are both the least rated episodes on IMDb, with 7.5.