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The glass bridge in the VIPS room

Glass Stepping Stones (징검다리건너기 Jing-geomdali Keonneogi?, lit. Stepping Stone Bridge) was the fifth game of the 33rd Squid Game held in 2020.

The game involved contestants attempting to cross two parallel bridges by jumping across tempered glass panels while avoiding weaker panes of regular glass. Those who landed on a regular glass panel broke through the pane and fell to their deaths from a high place, resulting in their elimination from the game.

Sixteen players entered the game; thirteen died and three progressed to the next round. Notable eliminations include Player 212 and Player 101.


Players were asked to choose a jacket with a number from 1 to 16 before the game; shortly after it was revealed to the players that each number represented the order in which the contestants would play.

The game took place in a colossal chamber decorated to resemble the interior of a circus tent. Players began the game atop a platform at one end of the room which was connected to another platform at the opposite end by two parallel bridges, each one holding 18 glass panels. Each of the panels was either made from tempered glass, which could withstand the weight of at least two players; or regular glass, which would shatter on impact and cause the player to fall to their death, resulting in their elimination. The goal of the game was for players to successfully cross the bridges by jumping across the tempered glass while avoiding the regular glass, within a 16-minute time limit.

Once the given time limit had reached zero, all glass panels exploded to eliminate any players who remained on the bridges. Broken glass fragments from the explosion greatly injured the three successful players, with Player 067 receiving a debilitating injury from the shrapnel.

Players Eliminated

The dead bodies

Players Passed


  • The players were very unlucky during this game, it has been calculated in most instances six or more people would win the game.
  • There was initially supposed to be one more player, Player 069, but he committed suicide prior to the game.
  • Additionally, there was supposed to be 20 players alive after Marbles, although only 17 are seen alive at the start of this episode. It is likely that this is just a continuity error, or that two pairs did not finish their game in time, and hence two more players were eliminated.
  • This is the only game out of the six that is not a kids game.
  • However, some viewers have compared this game to a deadly version of real-life stepping stones, which are sets of rocks arranged across a river or other water feature to form a bridge, allowing one to cross by jumping from rock to rock and testing which paths are safe (hence the "stepping stone" part of the name).
  • Other viewers compared it to a variant of hopscotch.
  • While unconfirmed, it is theorized that the players in the front could have survived longer within the bounds of the game by guessing a few tiles and then forcing those behind them to go ahead. Though the rules state that their numbers are the order in which they have to play, they are somewhat vague in this regard and do not specify that one must keep guessing until their elimination after getting on the bridge and guessing at least one tile correctly, possibly creating a loophole.
  • It is also speculated that the players could've survived by walking along the metal beams supporting the tiles, though this is unlikely, as the method would have gone against the spirit of the game and would likely have been disallowed.