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"Front Man" (프론트맨 Peulonteu Maen?) is the the eighth episode of the first season of the television series Squid Game.

Official summary

Ahead of the last round, distrust and disgust run deep among the finalists. Jun-ho makes a getaway, determined to expose the game's dirty secrets.

—Official Netflix synopsis


Jun-ho goes back to check his phone to call the police but the signal is low so he runs towards the mountain. The Front Man and a group of Soldiers finds Jun-ho's diving pack. The Front Man orders the Soldiers to find him but bring him back alive. Jun-ho notices them and hides on the bushes. He looks at his phone and finally gets a bit of signal so he calls the police for back up and sends videos.

Meanwhile, the three remaining players are back to the lobby. Gi-hun and Sang-woo argue about 017 surviving if only Sang-woo hadn't pushed him while Sae-byeok rests on her bed. Before the argument escalates, a Manager and some Workers carrying boxes enters the lobby to congratulate them for being the finalists them and gives them the boxes. While changing, Sae-byeok is then revealed to have been impaled by a large shard of glass from when the bridge exploded in the previous game. She painfully removes the glass shard from her abdomen and quickly tears off her shirt to wrap it around the wound to prevent further bleeding. She then opens the box to reveal a tuxedo.

The finalists are prepared with a feast in the lobby as a token of gratitude. Gi-hun and Sang-woo tear into their meals, eyeing each other down, while a clearly weakened Sae-byeok barely touches her food. After the meal, workers clean the table and leaves the players' steak knives, the players keep the knives and goes to their beds.

The front man walking closer to Jun-ho and Jun-Ho threatening In Ho

Jun-ho is now on the top of the mountain and the Soldiers finally corner him. Jun-ho threatens them that he already sent the videos that he took to the police, but The Front Man doubts it because of the island's poor reception. As The Front Man gets walks closer, Jun-ho nervously steps back because of the edge and shoots The Front Man on his shoulder. The Soldiers get ready but The Front Man stops them and instead tells Jun-ho to come with them. Jun-ho asks who he is. The Front Man doesn't answer and instead takes his mask off to reveal that he is Hwang In-ho, Jun-ho's missing brother. Jun-ho is shocked and speechless and when In-ho extends his hand, asking him to come along, Jun-ho can only shake his head in disbelief. In-ho points his gun at his brother, and all Jun-ho can ask is "Why" before The Front Man shoots him in the shoulder, causing him to fall into the ocean, seemingly to his death. The Front Man puts his mask again and goes back to his room where he remembers his brother asking why before shooting him.

Back in the dorms, the finalists rests on their beds. Gi-hun goes over to Sae-byeok, who readies her knife but Gi-hun assures her that he's not gonna harm her and hides his knife in his jacket. They talk about what will they do after winning the money and their families then make promises that they will take care of them. Gi-hun notices Sang-woo falling asleep and takes out his knife, but Sae-byeok stops him because he is not like that. Gi-hun then hears Sae-byeok slump over in her bed, and uncovers her wound and that she is bleeding profusely. Gi-hun quickly runs to the door and begs for help. The doors finally open and the lights turn on but instead of help, the Workers walk past Gi-hun, carrying a coffin. Gi-hun turns around and sees Sang-woo covered in blood near Sae-byeok's bed. Gi-hun runs over to a lifeless Sae-byeok and cradles her in his arms, before discovering a stab wound in her neck. Realising that Sang-woo had killed her with the knife in his hand, he furiously grabs his own knife to attack Sang-woo but both are quickly brought down by Soldiers. As the other Soldiers slowly carry Sae-byeok's body into her coffin, Gi-hun wails in agony.


  • This is the shortest episode in the series, with the running time of 32 minutes.
  • This and Hell are the only 2 episodes that don't contain a game.