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You played ddakji before, right? Play ddakji with me. Every time you win, I will give you 100,000 won. However, every time I win, you will give me 100,000 won. You can start first.
The Salesman to Seong Gi-hun in Red Light, Green Light

Ddakji (딱지 Ttakji?) is a game that the salesman uses to recruit potential players to partake in the Squid Games.

Game Information

The salesman will come up to a person, usually a debt ridden one, and offer the to play a game of Ddakji.

The person will choose between a red and blue envelope. If the person manages to flip the salesman's envelope he will get a hundred thousand won vice versa. If the person loses and does not have the money they will receive a slap on the face from the salesman.

After a player wins, the salesman gave them the offer to participate in that year's Squid Game by giving them a card.


  • The red and blue choice is inspired on an urban legend where a ghost asks to choose between the aforementioned colors of paper in a bathroom. No matter what color will be chosen, both will result in painful deaths (red for stabbing and blue for strangling).
  • In real life, ddakji is a great activity to keep children entertained. Folding the tiles helps them learn basic origami techniques and work on fine motor skills. Playing with friends encourages them to work on social skills like sharing, taking turns, and graciously handling winning or losing the game.