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Cho Sang-woo's mother is the elderly mother of Cho Sang-woo and the care-taker of Kang Cheol.


Cho Sang-woo's graduation. His mother can be seen on the right.

Sang-woo's mother has a blind devotion to her son. She isn't aware of his debt and believes that he's away on business in the United States. When the police tells her that they have a warrant for his arrest because of financial fraud, she can't believe it. She proclaims his good nature when the police question his whereabouts. The only desires she expresses are for Gi-hun to take good care of his mother and for Sang-woo to get married and be well.

When Sang-woo dies, he asks Gi-hun to help his mother. After the Squid Game, Sang-woo's mother comes across Gi-hun and asks what happened to him upon seeing his injuries. She gives him some mackerel and informs him that she hasn't seen or heard from his mother for a few days. Gi-hun doesn't say anything and tries to give her some money, but she tells him to give it to his mom. As Gi-hun leaves, she asks him if he's heard from her son.

In 2021, Gi-hun brings Sae-byeok's little brother to Sang-woo's mother. She asks him his name and tells him he looks like a tough boy. She agrees to look after him and takes a suitcase from Gi-hun. After Gi-hun has left, Sang-woo's mother gives the boy food and opens the suitcase to give him clothes. When opening the suitcase, it's full of money that Gi-hun won in the Squid Games. It has a note that says it's the money Gi-hun owes Sang-woo.

Behind the Scenes

Sang-woo's mother was portrayed by Park Hye-jin.


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