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This is my operating room!
Byeong-gi yelling at the Workers while harvesting Player 204's organs in A Fair World

Byeong-gi (병기 Byeong-gi?), also known as Player 111 or the Doctor, was a contestant and an organ-trafficker in the 33rd Squid Game in 2020.[1][2]

Having been a doctor prior to entering the competition, Byeong-gi was involved in a conspiracy alongside several corrupt guards which involved him trafficking organs from the corpses of deceased players for sale on the black market, in exchange for extra food and information about upcoming games. Due to this breaking the game's rules, Byeong-gi and the other guards were executed on Hwang In-ho's orders.


Byeong-gi was a doctor who engaged in immoral practices and got into trouble after an incident that resulted in the death of at least one of his patients.[3] This caused him to enter the 33rd Squid Game to pay off his debts.


During the games, he was recruited by a group of corrupt guards, including Worker Number 28, to perform surgeries on the corpses of the deceased contestants and remove their organs, which the guards then sold to traffickers. In exchange, the guards provided Byeong-gi with extra food and information about the upcoming games which would increase his chances of survival. This information was written to him on pink slips of paper hidden in his food, which he later ate. Byeong-gi was breaking their biggest rule.

Player 111's body hung up alongside some guards who rebelled against the leadership as a warning for players of cheating.

Just prior to the Tug of War game in the third round, the guards warn Byeong-gi that the game organizers plan to incite a fight among the contestants so that some of the players will be killed. They advise him to ally with Jang Deok-su and his gang for protection. Byeong-gi endears himself to Deok-su by warning him that the next game is Tug of War, which allows Deok-su and Byeong-gi to form a physically strong team and survive the round.[4] Byeong-gi also helped stitch Deok-su's injury after the fight.


Byeong-gi continues performing the surgeries for the corrupt guards, but the stress of the games and a lack of sleep make him increasingly irritable and paranoid. When told they do not know what the next game will be, a furious Byeong-gi lashes out against the guards and kills one before attempting to flee from them. He ends up in the Sugar Honeycombs game hall. He and one of the pursuing guards are then discovered by the Front Man (Hwang In-ho) and his men, who shoot Byeong-gi to death.[3] He was hung over the stairs along with the traitorous guards as a warning to other players to play fairly.


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Behind the scenes

Byeong-gi was portrayed by actor Yoo Sung-joo. He was voiced by Brian Kim in the English dub.


The other player 111.

  • In the player photos, the photo for Player 111 has a picture of a different man instead of Byeong-gi. This is most likely a continuity error.
  • Byeong-gi is the only supporting character who died prior to Marbles. He died after violating the rules by cheating.


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