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Anupam Tripathi (아누팜 트리파티) is an Indian actor who portrayed Ali Abdul in the television series Squid Game.

Tripathi was born in New Delhi, India to a middle-class family. He began training in singing and acting in 2006.

Tripathi moved to South Korea in 2010 to attend Korea National University of Arts, where he has stayed since. He cited an initial difficulty in adjusting to the cultural and language difference. As of 2021, he is finishing his master's degree in acting.


He began acting in South Korean plays and commercials during his third year in university. His first feature film credit was in Ode to My Father (2014). He had a minor role of a bomb expert who is fighting for Korean independence in the play 불량청년, which was selected for the 36th Seoul Theater Festival. He has gone on to have various minor unnamed roles on films such as Space Sweepers (2021) and television series like Hospital Playlist (2020).

Tripathi's first main cast credit was as the Pakistani foreign worker Ali Abdul on the Netflix original series Squid Game.

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