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Where did you get this money? Ali, where did you get this money?
Ali's wife to Ali

Ali's wife is the wife of Ali Abdul. Together, they illegally immigrated to South Korea with their infant son.


Ali's wife was born in Pakistan, where she lived and married to a man named Ali Abdul. Together, they had a son, and soon after, they decided to illegally migrate to South Korea in hopes of better living conditions and quality of life. When they arrived, she would take care of their son in the shack where they lived, while Ali worked at a factory. However, Ali was not able to earn much money, due to the greed of his boss, and he could not report his boss due to the fact that he was an illegal immigrant.

However, Ali disappeared for a while, and reappeared with a blood-stained envelope of money. When she questioned him about the money, he told her to fly back home with their child, and that he would follow them after he was done with his work. When she asked him what was going on, he asked for her to understand what he had to do for them. After this, she and her child presumably returned to Pakistan.


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Behind the Scenes

Ali's wife was portrayed by actress Anwesha Purkayastha Mandal.


  • Like Ali, his wife, who is Pakistani, is portrayed by an Indian actress.